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XGameStation-Low Level Hardware/Game Development

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I'm just seeing how popular this product is.

If you have no idea What I'm talking about or what XGameStaion is about...I'll...well...tell you(I Think that's the most logically thing to do)

XGameStation is a "Project" that you can buy- it's basically like Kit RC cars but instead it's Kit Consoles- build your 8-bit NES like console and then program low level games for it!
Why are you bothered? :
A) because Hardware engineering is cool
B)Low level programming is a BIG help to optimizing code in games and Engine.
C)Because it might be great fun!
D)Your learning to build your own Console!

and what's the purpose of this post? -Too document it really- it's just TOO cool to exist (to me it is anyway).

now I must Go bed.

EDIT 1 : BTW heres there website : [url=""][/url]

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