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[XNA] How to use Alpha Mask

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[b]P.S: [/b]I am working on a 2d point and click adventure game. See my other [url=""]thread[/url].

I've got an [url=""]image[/url] and an [url=""]alpha mask[/url]. How can I use the alpha mask for that image?

I've tried using a [url=""]Texture Processor[/url] and set it as the [url=""]Content Processor[/url] for the original image and it works great.

But now I can't draw the full image. It will always use the alpha mask.

Also, is the best way to accomplish this?

BTW, someone suggested me to use a [i]Depth buffer[/i]. How do they work?


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Are you using pixel shaders? In a pixel shader you would pass both textures in and use the mask texture to determin the color of the pixel selected from your base image. You could add a variable to be passed in that would determin if you want to mask or not. This way you could have it both ways.

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