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Token Pasting Operator Woes

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jamesleighe    222
Ok, so is this proper use of the token-pasting and stringizing operator? It seems I'm making a mistake somewhere...

#define LINK_TO_ENTITY_FACTORY(className) \
IEntity* Create##className () \
{ \
return new className; \
} \
EngineAPI ()->LearnEntity (#className, Create##className);

Thanks as usual!

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ApochPiQ    23003
iI don't know if you missed it or if the forum software just mangled your post, but multi-line macros must use \ characters at the end of each line to correctly continue after the break.

If that doesn't take care of it, you can configure the compiler to show you how it expanded the macro, which can help spot mistakes. The specifics depend on what particular compiler you're using.

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Aardvajk    13207
What does the signature of LearnEntity() look like? You seem to be passing it a class name as the first parameter, which would be invalid syntax.

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