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OZCollide: OBB-Sphere-collision

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I just started using the OZCollide-libaries for my collision detection. To begin with, I would need and like to do some manual collision testing with OBBs and not-axis-aligned ellipsoids. However there are two problems, which I haven't been able to solve:

1. From what I understood there aren't really any not-axis-aligned elipsoids like I'm looking for. I would like my player-character having an collision ellipsoid that is aligned to him, no matter what direction he is facing. Is there any method in OZCollide that allows me to do so? I could probably do it myself using some matrices-maths, but then again there isn't any sense using a collision libary at all..

2. Till 1. is solved I decided to start out using spheres. However, I miss a sphere<->OBB-collision method. testIntersectionSphereBox is all I've seen so far, which works for AABS, but what with OBBs? Is there any method for handling that kind of collision? Or do I have to resolve that issue myself?

I hope that anyone who has some experience with OZCollide can help me. I know that I could probably resolve these issues using maths, but I decided to go with a collision libary, so thats not what I want..

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