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Shimmying - SDL/C++ Collision Detection

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Hey there guys, thanks for taking a look. My problem is this: When a collision happens, my character stops moving until you let go of all keys, then you may move away from the wall. I want to be able to move up against the wall and slide if I have one of the perpendicular directional keys held down as well.

The collision function is in funtions.cpp, the player collision handling is in player.cpp. I will be happy to answer any other questions ;)

Once again thank you so much. This forum really is a great help.

Download (5.5 megabytes): [url=""]Download @[/url]

Edit 1: If you would perfer some of the code in the post, reply to the post that you do and I will gladly put it in the post. I just want some help with my problem.

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