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extreme team based free running.

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Extreme Freerunning: Feedback Wanted
The Basic Idea:

The game takes place in the future where humans have created artificial limbs which allow feats that a normal human is incapable of. Mechanical legs allow users to reach incredible speeds and even run up the sides of buildings.

Setting: the game takes place in a giant floating city. The graphic will be pretty simplistic and maybe with bright colors. If you fall of the city you can maybe survive by running up a building but if you fall you die. I am playing with the idea that buildi could be destructive. Hit a building with a giant wrecking ball and it will crack cleanly in half and the top will fall off.

Fighting: the only weapons in the game will be melee. Projectiles with such high speed movements wouldn't work so well. Some possible weapons could be, giant wrecking balls, chains, swords, hammers, etc.

The game I'll mainly revolve around tournaments in a floating city. Some possible game modes could be:

Capture the Flag: there are 2 teams and each one has a flag. The aim is to get the enemies flag back to your base.

Race: 1 on 1 race to a set finish line. No weapons in this mode just running.

On the Edge: every man (or woman) for himself. If you fall off you are dead and do not respawn. Last one standing wins.

What I can do

I have some basic experience in blender and can do a decent amount of modeling.

What I need
Some one who is good at BGE and scripting.
A concept artist
Another animator /modeler
A good story(I am perfectly fine with changing the current one)

I don't think there is any way I can accomplish this on my own.

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You don't really need a good story for something like this, since the focus would be on the multiplayer, and you'd have to take people from the action if you made the plot too complicated. Still something in the vein of Battle Royale/ The Hunger Games would probably do fine; just you know, simpler.

You didn't specify, but I'm picturing it as 2D. Stylistically, I'm seeing it as something like Canabalt, but with less monotone and pixelation. Bright colors and a futuristic style would do fine I think, and characters as silhouettes. That way you can give the impression of augmentation without really having to show it.

I can't really see how ranged weapons wouldn't work with the "high speeds", but melee will? Unless melee is simplified to the point of tapping the mouse button so that you can smack someone standing next to you, in which case, different weapons are kinda unnecessary. How exactly would the wrecking ball work?

I put "high speeds" in quotes, because free running has a lot to do with navigating obstacles (that would just be more interesting gameplay wise than running on flat roofs and jumping onto more flat roofs), and players would have to be able to control the character well enough to advance. Anyway, if someone can time a jump accurately, they can probably shoot someone accurately in that time too (or at least shoot someone while they're stuck in the air).

Destructive Environments would be interesting, but also difficult to do, and what happens if someone makes it impossible for anyone behind them to continue because they wrecked a platform? I don't think you should focus on that.

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I myself was imagining it in 3D, that would give players a lot more freedom to explore the world and use it to thier advantage. Obsticals would still be there, running up a building you would have to dodge balconies, vaulting over railings, but ther would also be periods to just experience the hight and speed. Well as for the story i thi you are correct.
Ranged weapons would not work in a 3d world be poeple would be moving from left to right and up and down at really fast speeds. The wrecking ball for example would be pulled along by the player runing and then swung forward into anyone infront of him.

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