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UBC's Master of Digital Media

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GarrickW    115
So I'm considering applying for the Master of Digital Media in Vancouver next year (at the University of British Columbia); my goal is game design. I've been googling it, though, and I've not found many people commenting on whether the program is good or not. I know the program is well connected with industry players, or at least appears to be, but I don't know much more than that. I found a single review that makes things sound pretty good, but one review isn't always enough to go on. Is anyone here familiar with UBC's program, or graduates who've come from there? Is anyone in a position to offer comment?

Also, I'm in the process of preparing a digital portfolio for the application. I've spoken to the recruitment officer at UBC, and she told me the best portfolio would be one that demonstrates my interest in game design as well as the ability to use C++. I've learnt C++ over the past 2-3 months, have gotten into SFML and am now settling in comfortably with the language and working on some projects that interest me (an RTS prototype which is about 1/4 finished; a planet generator that simulates tectonics, erosion, hydrography and climate; and a statistical analysis tool), but I want to make sure my portfolio is as strong and relevant as possible.

What kind of projects would be best to show off? What sort of projects would help me both develop skills and demonstrate qualities a Digital Media programm might want? Applications are in June 2012, so I've got a little less than a year to get things together.

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Tom Sloper    16040
[quote name='Saldan' timestamp='1310984357' post='4836750']whether the program is good or not. [/quote]
What does "good" mean to you? What are your criteria?
You have a decision to make. If you decide not to go to that school for that program, what is your alternative course of action?

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