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[SlimDX] Reverting setting a custome effect state manager?

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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to use a custom state manager for a DirectX 9 effect. At one point I wanted to unregister my custom state manager and have the effect use its own default behavior again and so I tried to set the property to nullptr. Thing is that an IEffectStateManagerShim object is created by SlimDX which wraps the null pointer and the next call the effect does will cause an exception. So I modified Effect::SetStateManager to instead call InternalPointer->SetStateManager( NULL ) but this also seems to crash...

Soooo, anyone got any experience with using custom state managers? How can one revert the effects of setting a custom state manager?


[b]Update 07/19/2011:[/b] In case anyone runs into the same problem, it seems to be caused by a bug in the SlimDX effect9 set manager method. Submitted as bug #815 to SlimDX.

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