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[web] Need Feedback about my website

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Would you be so kind and give me feedback about what you think?
Colors, design itself etc. Would like to hear some opinions about it.
I am no webdesigner though, I took some plugins and a template and modified it to my needs.
But feel free to critisise.

One Problem:
As you see, on the first article the icons are on the most right side.
In the 2nd article the icons are more left. There is a container around the article, but I could not find it in the template.
Maybe someone can help with that too?
Thanks in advance for any input. :)

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That's a very good website you have there. I do agree with want is happening with the icons. I also give you out some tips which I have learn't from using wordpress. Give the writing more room on your banner and the footer to be shorten. Having a shorter page makes people want to read and view more.

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