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Debugging HLSL using PIX for windows

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Hi All,

Im trying to debug my HLSL effect file using PIX for windows
but it crash when i click "Debug this Pixel.."
I am using the PIX from June 2010 SDK.

Here are the info,
I am using defered shading with cube shadow mapping.

Early stages for deferred shading and shadow mapping can use Vertex and Pixel shader debuging (including step tracing)
using PIX successfully, early stages such as;

(1) generating depth map into 6 sides of the cube texture
(2) generating all the surfaces needed for Deferred shading using VS and PS.

But my problem is during the generation of color stage where the final color is computed(with the shadow) and rendered in a 'Shading' target surface, all needed surfaces are set as render target including the cube texture(for shadow map).

During this stage, when I try to 'Debug this Pixel..." PIX crashes.

I want to provide the PIX file but i dont know to whom will i give it so that they can take a look at the crash.

The shader on this technique (during combine) contains access to cube map texture,
access to render targets (used in deferred shading) and a single function call for generating final color.

-do you guys have any idea on what is the cause of this crash?
- Do you know the email address of microsoft team to whom i can address the problem directly? (perhaps a member of the PIX application team)?


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