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SDL Globals.h doesn't seem to be working right

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[size="4"]using globals.h im hoping to store a vector of rectangles and also a collision box and a few global bools[/size]


extern SDL_Rect winRect;

extern std::vector<SDL_Rect> platform;

extern bool paused;
extern bool exit;[/code]

[size=2]i then set the bool to false as so in the globals.cpp.[/size][/color]
bool paused = false;
bool exit = false;[/code]

[size="4"]however then when i try and use the global winRect SDL_Rect or the global vector of SDL_Rects in other classes the compiler spits out the "undefined reference to platform" or "to winRect". which i cant understand because they are set up in the globals.h file, and the globals.h is included within the class header that is trying to use them[/size]

[size="4"]do i need to define anything else regarding the vector and Rect in the globals.cpp file?[/size]

[size="4"]might there be something wrong with the order of my header inclusions for the class im trying to manipulate the globals with?[/size]

[size="4"]hope there is an easy solution to this, im sure im just missing something.[/size]

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You need to put winRect and platform in one of you source files like you do with paused and exit.
[code]SDL_Rect winRect;
std::vector<SDL_Rect> platform;[/code]

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i did try that before but it didn't work, tried it again now and now things are great.

maybe i needed to save all my files before it would work.

thanks a lot!!!! :)

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