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Different mmo combat

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Sandman    2210
This question is rather too quick for it's own good.

What is 'ddo'? What is so great about it's combat system? And why do you want to know?

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Bigdeadbug    173
Well you could right an essay on answering that very question but heres a short version from what i know personally:

Well the combat system in DDO, Dungeons and Dragons Online, is like that to mirror the combat is the Dungeon and Dragons RPG since its very iconic of that style of game. If i am correct the DnD style combat system is also copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast so most games aren't ready to pay for the use of it.

The reason most MMORPGs originally follow the standard hot key approach to combat is the technical limitations that they used to encounter (and in some cases still do). This was more so a case in the past when Internet connects weren't that good and conserving bandwidth etc. was a lot more important. They mostly do it now because people are more familiar with this system than say the DnD system. Although i would theories that this hotkey system was inspired by the systems found in earlier DnD cRPGs.

The MMORPG genre is branching out more in its use of different systems but it seems to be away from the slow paces combat of DnD and more towards the fast paced combat of actions games (see TERA as an example).

Hope that covered your question.

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