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DirectX Animations

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Hello I just am not understanding the Directx animation process I have multiple animations playing and I can stop and advance them using

AnimationController->AdvanceTime((a_dt)*1, NULL); (where a_dt is the change in time per frame).

I set and change the animation with
AnimationController->SetTrackAnimationSet( 0, set1 );
m_currentAnim changes to the animation the game engine wants it to be and setTrackAnimationSet does set the animtion to the correct animation but the main thing is the advance time is the only way I can advance the time in the animation and was wondering if there is an easier way to have control over the animation?

I know of these functions but I am not exactly sure what the track variable is and how do I just play the animation once where it doesn't stop on a time that I have to keep track of?

AnimationController->SetTrackEnable(track, true);
AnimationController->SetTrackSpeed(track, 1.0f);
AnimationController->SetTrackWeight(track, 1.0f);
AnimationController->KeyTrackEnable(track, false, set1->GetPeriod());

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