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XNA for possible backend to a text-based game (AKA MU*)?

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[font="Times New Roman"] [/font][size="3"][font="Calibri"]XNA for possible backend to a text-based game (AKA MU*)?[/font][/size]

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[font="Times New Roman"] [/font][size="3"][font="Calibri"]Given I use C# and have other MSDN tools (though I’ve notused XNA to date), what tools are available to create virtualized 3D worlds. Inmy text based game, I want to know the spatial relationships between objects,but I will be expressing the objects and their relationships though text ratherthan graphics. [/font][/size]

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[font="Times New Roman"] [/font][size="3"][font="Calibri"]I don’t think there is enough benefit to try to fake theworld coordinates as I’d like to implement generating fairly accurate maps fromthe data as well as some basic in game physics. After all, at this point whynot just give the world builders 3D tools rather than having them trying toapproximate a 3D environment?[/font][/size]

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[font="Times New Roman"] [/font][size="3"][font="Calibri"]My question is where to begin (tutorials) and what othertools should I be looking to use? Are there XNA based world building tools?What if any, open source tools engines implement coordinate based systems?[/font][/size]

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[font="Times New Roman"] [/font][size="3"][font="Calibri"]Thanks.[/font][/size]

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