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OpenGL Problems with Cg shaders on ATI cards

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Being terrorized by an annoying "bug": how to get an OpenGL program with Cg shaders working on an ATI(or AMD) card?

I never used an ATI card, so I happily developed all my shaders in Cg without worries the last years. But now when trying to test it on a (modern) ATI card, it comes up with all kinds of errors. Loops not supported, tex2Darray problems, can't do vertex-texture-fetch, no geometry shaders, et cetera. And yes, that card can do all of that.

I think Cg picked a wrong/old profile. When using "cgGLGetLatestProfile", it comes with CG_PROFILE_ARBVP1 and CG_PROFILE_ARBFP1. Probably these profiles don't support the functions I mentioned, but what to pick else? I saw there is also a GLSL profile, but that requires to rewrite all shaders in GLSL right?

* I know there is a Cg forum as well on nVidia, but since answers are slow or not coming at all there, I thought let's ask here as well :)


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