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Minkowski Difference

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Walkerism    108
Hi everyone,

Currently I'm implementing rotations and more complex objects into my 2d program. As a result I need to alter my collision detection. I've chosen to incorporate the Minkowski Difference, which so far is proving to be troublesome simply because I can't find a decent resource or tutorial that explains in steps the process behind calculating a collision using the sum.

I know how to apply the equation X ? Y = {A + B: A ? X and B ? Y} , but I can't work out how to apply this in my program to detect two objects colliding.

My question is this. What steps would I need to take to find the collision between say, two squares; each square with four vertices's for each corner, and an origin in world space.

Any advice would be fantastic!


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ehsanul    104
What you're looking for is the GJK algorithm for collision detection, which uses the concept of the Minkowski Difference for fast collision detection. Google that and you should find more relevant stuff. I myself found this video very helpful for understanding how GJK works: [url=""][/url]

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