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Error C2593

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Hey guys.

I am doing the last program in beginning c++ though game programming and i have come across a compile error (in title). D=

The error is "error C2593: 'operator <<' is ambiguous"

here is the function that the error is in. I hope this enough to help but if its not i will most more later. This is a friend function to a class (GenericPlayer)
[code]ostream& operator<<(ostream& os, const GenericPlayer& aGenericPlayer){
os << aGenericPlayer.m_Name << ":\t";

vector<Card*>::const_iterator pCard;
for(pCard = aGenericPlayer.m_Cards.begin(); pCard != aGenericPlayer.m_Cards.end(); ++pCard){
os << *(*pCard) << "\t"; // this is the line of code with the error. It is the first << operator
if(aGenericPlayer.GetTotal() != 0){
cout << "(" << aGenericPlayer.GetTotal() << ")";
os << "<empty>";
return os;

Thanks for the help

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