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Noob looking for Career and College Advice

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How's it going? I'm an infantry Marine stationed in Afghanistan until november, and have a few months of service left after i get back to the states. I'm really trying to figure out what i'm going to college for when i get out. I'm pretty positive i want to go for computer science, and would like to specialize in game developing. I don't have much experience in any type of programming or any c++ at all. I've only done very minor things with any type of programming.
Can some of you experience guys give me information on what to major in, what classes to take, any type of courses that'll help, inside or outside of the college. Anything that can really help me out in the future in college and in a work environment. I want to get as much information and experience possible to get a good start in my career after the service.
I've always had a huge passion for gaming, from a game on an iphone, to WoW, to any console game. I love the creativity and the endless array of opportunities you can put in a game.
I appreciate all of your help.

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