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Glass Effect and material color

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Hello, I'm a beginner with opengl, I'm making a plasma sphere in opengl, i have a problem with a glass effect...i don't understand how i can have that effect, I suppose that I must work on material illumination property, but I don't know how it is possible because haven't idea how I can edit this parameter in opengl...Can you explain me how i must use to have this effect?

My second question is why when I insert a texture materials colors change and I can't have the effect that I want.

I attach a image of my sphere.

I want to have the glass effect on trasparent sphere. (I used alpha blending to do it);

If you need I can insert my code. To make all object I used quadric with glu (also to map the texture I used gluQuadricTexture, but background is inserted normally with texture position on screen position).

I use OpenGL with C programming language.

[attachment=4281:Schermata 2011-07-21 a 22.36.21.png]

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