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VoxLap - ddraw.lib using voxel based game engine by Ken Silverman - Help

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yosuppy    100
Hi there, I'm quite new to the forums but they look very promising. I was wondering if somebody could help me determine how to properly build an outdated game engine called VoxLap.

Here's a link to the source files home page, it's a relatively small engine:

The problem I'm running into is building these outdated files which utilize ddraw.lib (a directx library that was removed for some odd reason despite claimed backwards compatibility) Ive installed the old directx 8.1 sdk and even vc++ 5 hoping to get something other than confusing cmd prompt outputs.

I'm fairly new to coding in C++ (java fan) so please be patient with my naive notions.

Just hoping someone out there has the time to check out this engine and get it to work, thanks for checking this out too!

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aqrit    119
the dx7sdk is not easily found.

try here:


from this forums FAQ
(french? site)

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Dawoodoz    461
Sooner or later, your new computer won't be able to run the engine any more. I would just make a new voxel engine with tri-linear interpolation of an anti aliased density and let everything above 0.5 be solid. Since only some things need voxels, you can gain speed by rendering triangle shapes first.

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