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Child window doesn't resize

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For some reason, the child window of the main window won't resize, when the main window is resized.
Child window creation:
HWND hWndLeftToolbar = CreateWindowEx( 0, "button", NULL,WS_CHILD,
0, 0, 150, 600,
hWndMain, NULL, hInstanceMain, NULL);



MainWindproc WM_SIZE message handling
[source]case WM_SIZE:
if( hWndLeftToolbar )
MoveWindow(hWndLeftToolbar,0,0,300,200,TRUE); // just for debugging.

return 0;[/source]
If I change the size (MoveWindow) just after creating the child window, it resizes just fine.

Thanks for any help in advance!

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Got it working with [font="Courier New"]EnumChildWindows,[/font] but it's pretty strange I can't simply use [font="Courier New"]MoveWindow[/font]

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