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Suggestions for Geometry Manipulation Library

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At the moment, I'm working on a procedural model generator that takes a base shape such as a cuboid and modifies it into something more interesting through some geometric operations such as extruding and scaling the faces of the shape.

I've been searching to try and find a c++ library that manages these sort of transformations, which would mean I don't need to code an extensive library of functions myself.

What I'm looking for, ideally is a c++ library that keeps track of a set of 3D faces/triangles and provides a set of transformation function to operate on the shape, such as extrude, rotate, subtration and addition of volumes (cutting holes into shapes). The sort of things you commonly see in Maya and 3DS max, but as a library of algorithms.

I've found FastGeo and Wykobi, which are almost what I want, but tend to be more to do with delaunay triangulation and detecting intersections and bounding spheres of existing objects, where I want to create one from scratch.

If anyone has any suggestions of libraries, or better keywords to search for, it'd be much appreciated.


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mmakrzem    1036
I wrote my own haptic engine where I needed to do just that. I picked up a copy of the real time collision detection book which helped me a lot: [url=""][/url]

I also recommend looking at the code from [url=""][/url]

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