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Need help with combat and navigation architecture

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Hi Guys,

Its been a while since my last post. I started out looking for a team for my very first project. I was looking to create a 3d RPG and with some luck have found some dedicated people. Were been working on the project for 3 months now and we have made uhm.. some progress in a way. You can check out put pre-tech demo release (I was experimenting with youtube) at youtube by searching Phlyndir (Yes, its the lizard thing). The thing is, though it looks like you are able to walk around in the game I'm not too sure if I'm doing the architecture right. Likewise, we recently finished the battle system but again I'm not too confident about the way the battle algorithm works and I have no Idea how to implement the skills system.

If any of you have any resource on game architecture I would appreciate the help. I just need to know if my approach is correct or if I need to recode some stuff. Especially in the areas of tagging walkable areas or if using height map is a good idea and what not.

Thanks and Regards,

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