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Adding Vertices to buffer

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I have a class for an object which creates the vertex buffer and puts some vertices inside. Then I want to add more vertices to the vertex buffer from the WinMain.cpp by using the code below.


void initgraphics()

VertexSize = myShip.returnVertexSize();
VertexNumber = myShip.returnVertexNumber();

CUSTOMVERTEX boxVertices [] =

VOID* box_pVoid;

short boxIndices [] =

VOID* box_Indice;


However I get a runtime error like "stack around the variable 'box_Indice' was corrupted. I guess it's related to the lock of the buffer. But as far as I understand, passing 0 to the first 2 parameters means lock the whole buffer and D3DLOCK_NOOVERWRITE flag should make sure that the present vertices stay untouched. So everything looks fine to me. What am I missing?

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No overwrite means you're appending to the buffer so you shouldn't overwrite (hence the name) the memory used by previous vertexes. It doesn't give you a new block of memory. You need D3DLOCK_DISCARD for what you wish to do - that gives you a new region of memory and the old memory will be automatically freed when any draw commands using it have finished.

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Your "VOID* box_pVoid" should be "VOID* box_pVoid = NULL" too, as should "VOID* box_Indice". And make sure that you're using discard on both locks.

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