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My New Third Person Shooter: The Arena Of Che'Sheda

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You find yourself once again waking up in a strange environment.

Unlike last time, though, this environment isn't indoors. After you've opened your eyes and the huge tan blur focuses, you realize that you're back in the desert.

"Good morning!" comes the all-too-pleasant and all-too-familiar voice in your earpiece. "Your success in the arena has led us to recruit you to deal with a big problem that we face: The Skarn."The Skarn, of course, are those giant insect-like aliens that you have been dealing with for way too long. You certainly understand how they could be causing Che'Sheda a certain measure of grief as well.

"We believe that, like many earth-based insect colonies, most of the Skarn are simple drones. There is a queen somewhere around there that is responsible for the continuance of the species."

Makes sense.

"Kill the queen! And we promise to finally take you off of this unwelcome continent and return you to civilization!"

The promise rings hollow. But you really have no choice.

Click here to play the game.

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I just tried playing the game and I found it to be decent, but had several major factors that took away from the game experience greatly.

1. Probably the biggest is camera control. You use the mouse to look left and right however you do not lock the mouse in place. This limits the amount you can look in either direction tremendously. For a very good example of how 3rd person mouse control should feel like I would try out Global Agenda. Currently it is a free to play MMORPGFPS which features 3rd person combat which feels very fluid and enjoyable. If you fixed the camera the game would feel a lot more polished and represent the work you put into it a lot better.
2. You may not want to do this but I feel that if you added bullets being shot when you shoot the gun would make it feel more realistic. I shot the gun many times trying to see whether or not I could hit a scorpion but never really could tell why I wasn't hitting. A bullet like effect (or at least dirt flying where the bullet may have hit) would make the game feel more real and make the difficulty a bit easier.

Also a slight bug is that the scorpions constantly play their sound effect if they end up chasing you which gets very annoying very quickly.

Overall I'd say that the game is ok and if you fix those two major things I mentioned it would be well on its way to becoming a good game.

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