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[need help] convert from IDirectXFile * to ID3DXFile* (dx9.0a to 9.0c)

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Dear all,

Recently, I have read a book "Programming Role Playing Games with DirectX,.2nd.Edition" and using the core_graphics.cpp in the book.

But I encountered a problem on it.

The compiler said that it cannot found IDirectXFile* struct, and after I search on the internet, I found that DX9.0c have change IDirectXFile* to ID3DXFile*.

But I still have some problem on it.
IDirectXFileDataReference << How can I change this type to something like "ID3DXFileDataReference" as it does not exist
Also, how to change IDirectXFileObject this object?

Actually, does anyone have successfully adapt the core_graphics.cpp to 9.0c version?

Thanks a lot,

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