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Quake 3 BSP light volumes

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Has anyone here used them before?

My map has 963171 (141 x 207 x 33) grid points (according to the the QuArK output console).

num_lightvols_x = 141
num_lightvols_y = 207
num_lightvols_z = 33

The grid cell coordinates of an entity at (x,y,z) are:

gridx = (x - models[0].mins[0]) / 64;
gridy = (y - models[0].mins[1]) / 64;
gridz = (z - models[0].mins[2]) / 128 + 0.5f;

I access the light volume at:

gridz * num_lightvols_y * num_lightvols_x + gridy * num_lightvols_x + gridx

But this doesn't give the correct lighting info.

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It actually says

Grid size = { 112, 96, 160 }

in the QuArK output console, which I have to use instead of {64, 64, 128} to avoid "light grid mismatch" where

lump[lightVolumes].length != numGridPoints * sizeof(lightVolume)

So the grid cell size isn't always 64x64x128?

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