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[web] Facebook app

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I made a apache server on my Ubuntu and installed everything that facebook app needs.
I created simple facebook .php file with example taken from official webiste. Everything works cool. I can connect typing it's ip adress [url=""][/url] at facebook settings from another pc in my network.
When i enter my global adress to all facebook settings stuff([url="http://89.74.***.**/php_test/"]http://89.74.***.**/php_test/[/url]) the site doesn't show up. It doesn't work.
Im behind router and I forwarded 80 and 8080 ports to Any ideas??

Edit: I figured out my router has some loopback errors, other people can see my app. Solved.

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Sorry for double post(im uping the thread).
I figured out that when I type my global ip in my browser , it connects to my router(asking for login/pass). I don't know what is going on, DMZ is set to the correct pc.

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