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[SlimDX] Terrain-patches

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Hey ya'll! I've come to the point in my world editor where I need to split up my terrain in patches and I'm a little curious on how the patches are best stored. In the game (not the editor) that I plan to develop the camera will be in a fixed angle (like Warcraft and Starcraft) so I will always need max 4 patches to be rendered (if they are slightly bigger than the camera's view area) and I will always know what patches that needs rendering without doing any culling stuff, I assume.

These are the ways I have in mind but if there's more and/or better ways, let me know!

First way:
Lots of static vertex buffers (one for each patch)
One index buffer (all patches can use the same)

Second way:
One big static vertex buffer
One dynamic index buffer that changes whenever a new patch is visible

Third way:
One dynamic vertex buffer that changes whenever a new patch is visible
One static index buffer that always contains indices for 4 patches

I hope you understand what I mean! Thanks in advance!

// Anton

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