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Reasons for CreateSubmixVoice failing?

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I'm working on a game, and one of the beta testers is having trouble getting the sound system to load. For him, it bombs out when the program tries to create a submix voice. I tried having him run the XAudio2Sound3D sample, but that bombs out for him too, which is alarming to me. The error code I'm getting is XAUDIO2_E_XAPO_CREATION_FAILED, and I'm trying to figure out why I'm getting it. I would think if there was a problem with his DirectX installation, a problem would surface earlier.

Anyway, here's the code:

ULONG ulFlags;

ulFlags = 0;
#ifdef _DEBUG

// Create our reverb effect.
if ( FAILED( XAudio2CreateReverb( &m_pReverbEffect, ulFlags )))
ERROR_FatalError( "%s: Failed to initalize reverb effect!", __FUNCTION__ );

// Create our echo effect.
if ( FAILED( CreateFX( __uuidof( FXEcho ), &m_pEchoEffect )))
ERROR_FatalError( "%s: Failed to initalize echo effect!", __FUNCTION__ );

// Set up the submix effect chain.
SubmixEffects[0].pEffect = m_pReverbEffect;
SubmixEffects[0].InitialState = true;
SubmixEffects[0].OutputChannels = 1;

SubmixEffects[1].pEffect = m_pEchoEffect;
SubmixEffects[1].InitialState = true;
SubmixEffects[1].OutputChannels = 1;

// The submix effect chain has two effects (reverb, echo).
SubmixEffectChain.EffectCount = 2;
SubmixEffectChain.pEffectDescriptors = SubmixEffects;

// Create our submix voice, and set its effect chain.
HRESULT hResult;
hResult = m_pXAudio2->CreateSubmixVoice( &m_pSubmixVoice, 1, m_DeviceDetails.OutputFormat.Format.nSamplesPerSec, 0, 0, NULL, &SubmixEffectChain );
if ( FAILED( hResult ))
switch ( hResult )

ERROR_FatalError( "%s: Failed to initalize submix voice: XAUDIO2_E_INVALID_CALL!", __FUNCTION__ );

ERROR_FatalError( "%s: Failed to initalize submix voice: XAUDIO2_E_XMA_DECODER_ERROR!", __FUNCTION__ );

ERROR_FatalError( "%s: Failed to initalize submix voice: XAUDIO2_E_XAPO_CREATION_FAILED!", __FUNCTION__ );

ERROR_FatalError( "%s: Failed to initalize submix voice: XAUDIO2_E_DEVICE_INVALIDATED!", __FUNCTION__ );

ERROR_FatalError( "%s: Failed to initalize submix voice: Unknown error, %d!", __FUNCTION__, hResult );

Again, the error he's getting here is XAUDIO2_E_XAPO_CREATION_FAILED. None of the earlier XAudio2 initialization functions create an error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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You should probably try to verify if it is the reverb or the echo (or both or neither) that is causing the error. If I understand correctly XAPOs (even the built in ones) use COM to do their business and the XAudio2CreateReverb page on msdn is pretty explicit about the need to call CoInitalizeEx before trying to do anything with the XAPOs. So that is at least place to start. You might also verify the COM related services on the problem box or try to make some non-Xaudio2 related COM calls. If the sample is crapping out that machine as well it does point towards a environment problem.

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Well, it's definitely the reverb effect that's doing it. The DirectX sample doesn't use echo (just reverb), and it still bombs out. If I disable both submix effects (reverb and echo), it works fine for him.

How would I verify whether or not this user's COM-related services are working?

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Well I am not really a COM expert or anything, but there is a COM+ Event service you can check. You might also try samples from some other COM centered library (like SAPI or OLEDB) to see if they work at all. You could try setting up a custom XAPO and see if it loads and if you get the callbacks you expect (just do a buffer copy in Process() and log a message or something). COM loading often relies on the registry, so if that is messed up it could cause this kind of problem (try re-installing the DirectX redist & make sure nobody is running a registry cleaner or something bad like that).

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