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Dark Ages RP (needs tester/players)

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I've been working on a play-by-mail roleplaying/strategy game inspired by Crusader Kings, King Arthur and innumerable other games. And, well, here it is!

The Dark Ages RP is a new play-by-mail roleplaying/strategy hybrid set in a dark-ages inspired land. It is a time of conflict and suffering. It is up to you, a minor Count in a backwoods settlement, to find your fortune among the blood-soaked pastures and disease-ridden burghs.

I don't want to go into too much detail because the fog of war is a major part of the game but I can say:

Play takes place on a hex-map of either England and Wales (if there is enough uptake) or a smaller fantasy world.
Players can rule alone or as a council- groups can make decisions together.
The Economy, Diplomacy, Espionage-y and Military aspects of rule are simulated to some extent.
The game has been designed to give players as simple an experience as possible. Simple decisions can have far-reaching effects.
Diplomacy is very free form. Anything is possible with the GM taking a back-seat to player driven storylines.


I'm tentatively taking applications for the first game which will start as soon as there is enough players. I'm also looking for applications from potential Games-Masters who want to give it a shot. The current version is very fluid and may change as we come to stumbling blocks mid-game but t'is certainly playable.

Further instruction will be sent if you reply or PM, I'll need an email address of course.

I look forward to seeing if anyone replies. :)

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