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Cocos2d Tilemap Collision

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Hi all,

I'm new to game development and I am working on a project using Cocos2d. In my game I have a sprite that moves around freely on top of a tilemap. Currently I can check if specific points on the sprite has collided with a tile having the 'collidable' property. Where I have made a

CGPoint player = ccp(player.position.x, player.position.y);

and check if this point has collided with the tile. (i don't have the code which i used for this right now as I'm at work, i will paste this later)

What I am trying to accomplish however is, I want to detect whether or not 'the sprite itself' (instead of just a point on the sprite) has collided with a tile having this specific 'collidable' property so i can affect it's velocity appropriately (eg: reduce velocity along the x axis to 0 if the player sprite hit's the tile from the side). I have looked for documentation around the internet but unfortunately the best I can find is checking on a single point and updating the sprite position to the position of that tile if it does not have some kind of collidable property.

I would greatly appreciate any advice on this issue.

Thanks again

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This is the code I use to check for collision to see if a point on the sprite has hit a tile that is collidable.

bool collision = false;
[color=#008b00][color=#7925ac] CGPoint[color=#000000] playerPos = [color=#814726]ccp[color=#000000]([color=#3a8288]pos[color=#000000].[color=#7925ac]x[color=#000000],[color=#3a8288]pos[color=#000000].[color=#7925ac]y[color=#000000]); //Where pos is the position the player will be moved to if it is not collidable

tileCoordPos = [[color=#cd00a3]self tileCoordForPosition:playerPos];

-(CGPoint) tileCoordForPosition:(CGPoint) position {

[color=#cd00a3]int x = position.x/theMap.tileSize.width;

[color=#cd00a3]int y = ((theMap.mapSize.height * theMap.tileSize.height) - position.y)/theMap.tileSize.height;

[color=#cd00a3]return [color=#814726]ccp(x,y);


tileGID = [stLayer tileGIDAt:tileCoordPos];

[color=#008b00][color=#000000] [color=#cd00a3]if[color=#000000] ([color=#3a8288]tileGID[color=#000000] == [color=#2700dc]193[color=#000000]) //GID of 193 means it is a collidable cell


[color=#008b00][color=#000000] [color=#7925ac]NSDictionary[color=#000000] *properties = [[color=#3a8288]theMap[color=#000000] [color=#205a5e]propertiesForGID[color=#000000]:[color=#3a8288]tileGID[color=#000000]]; //get properties for tile on theMap.the tile we wanna move to

[color=#cd00a3]if (properties)


[color=#7925ac]NSString *collidable = [properties [color=#430083]valueForKey:[color=#e50000]@"collidable"];

[color=#cd00a3]if (collidable && [collidable compare:[color=#e50000]@"hit"]== NSOrderedSame)

collision = [color=#cd00a3]true;



But as I mentioned earlier, my problem is I need to see if the actual sprite collided with this tile, and not just the one point. Thanks again for any advice. It's much appreciated!

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