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STEAM game multiplay develop?

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DongHunLee    126

I am new here.

So currently I am making 2d game by unity engine for STEAM release. (PC, Windows)
My game will have multiplayer environment.

I am currently making alpha version.

But must I use STEAMworks SDK at very early development stage?

I think so because I want them(STEAM) manage my game's cd-key activation process and control game user's connection to multiplay, and also block the pirate user to enter into multiplay.

If they do not, then how can I make server which can manage this sort of cd-key activation?

As far as I know, steam SDK only can be used under STEAM's approve. I emailed to them but I don't get answer.

I appreciate any comments and info about STEAM game development and making multiplay.

Thank you.

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EJH    315
[quote name='yewbie' timestamp='1312480719' post='4844594']

Thats the Source SDK for game made with Source Engine. I believe the OP is referring to SteamWorks SDK through which you publish your game to Steam, interact with friends list, Steam achievements, cloud storage, etc...

AFAIK, you can't get access to the Steamworks SDK until you get your game accepted for publication on Steam. Only thing you can do is make a polished game, get some people playing it, and then submit your game to Valve. Don't even worry about Steamworks until you have a polished and near-release worthy game. If you submit an obviously alpha-quality game that you are "still working on" they are going to reject it.

The best way to get on Steam is to submit your game to contests like Indie Game Challenge or Indie Game Festival:


If your game places highly in that you are virtually guaranteed Steam distribution.

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