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Weekend Project: Moji

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Heyo there. I have put this off long enough now. I wanted to bring to youralls attention a little project I did a few months ago as a little distraction from the monotony of my regular projects. It is a program similar to the infamous Shimeji-ee program that displays characters on your desktop. The big difference between Shimeji-ee and Moji is that the character's behaviours can be defined in, you guessed it, Angelscript.

You can read more about it on the forum where I originally... ahem... "published" it.


You can consider the code to be under the [url=""]WTFPL[/url], with the condition that you keep me in the loop if you decide to pick the project up. I would like to see where the project goes. That is of course if it does go anywhere. It's not like it was that super OMGWTF hard to implement. I just don't have the time to be worrying about it and I don't want perfectly good code to go to waste. [img][/img]

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