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Need an Actionscript 3.0 trainer (prefer swedish) PAID

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[font=verdana, geneva, lucida,]Hi programmers.

I have always loved games in my life and I am starting to get really involved in indie gaming. Playing them and discussing about game developing.

But I am just a beginner who wants to do a nice 2d game. Since communication is the key to development, like ape to human, I would like to get a teacher to learn me from start to end. In very detailed manner.

I can make the graphic myself since I have been drawing intermediately for 2 years on the computer. I am really ready to transform into a programming geek.

Please help me make this dream come true. I am speaking fluently 3 languages, but none of them are coding languages. I am very interested in languages in general and I hope this interest will help me get better in programming.

Skype: mrsagil
E-mail: dahkar[at]msn[dot]com[/font]

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