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reuse same VBO data offsets for multiple texture coordinates

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DracoLacertae    518
Often when enabling multiple textures, I'm using the same texture coordinates for each texture; just because I use the same UV mapping for all the maps a particular model needs. When I'm in that particular case, is it acceptable to do this:


struct vertex
float x,y,z; //pos
float s,t; //texcorod
float nx, ny, nz; //norm


glClientActiveTexture (GL_TEXTURE0_ARB);
glTexCoordPointer (2, GL_FLOAT, sizeof (vertex), offsetof(vertex, s) );
glClientActiveTexture (GL_TEXTURE1_ARB);
glTexCoordPointer (2, GL_FLOAT, sizeof (vertex), offsetof(vertex, s) ); //same data again!

[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]The reason I ask, is because it seems a little unusual. Usually, each float in the vertex goes to one place: GL position from x,y,z, normal from nx, ny, nz, but now it's sending s and t to two places: texcoord0 and texcoord1. Is there any downside to doing this?[/size][/color]

[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]I know when using all user-specified attributes (GL 3+) you can just send in ONE texcoord and feed it into both samplers. When using built-in attributes, it is allowed to pull two attributes from the same place?[/size][/color]

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