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FXC /Fh option doesn't seem to work

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I'm trying to precompile my FX file to avoid long compile times at runtime. I'm trying to embed the compiled output in a C header file (as this would make the loading process MUCH easier as I wouldn't have to mess around with loading asset files at runtime).

According to the FXC docs the /Fh option should do this (at least as I read the docs):
[quote]/Fh <[i]file[/i]>Output header file containing object code.[/quote]

But for me this has exactly the same results as /Fc, e.g. output an assembly code listing.

My command line looks like this (PS is the entry point to my pixel shader):

fxc /FhFoo.h /EPS /Tps_4_0 Foo.fx

Any ideas ? Anyone else got the /Fh option to output a C friendly header file ? Or am just misreading the docs ?

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Derp....... user error :)

It WAS outputing a C-friendly header, but it was embedding the assembly listing at the top surrounded by #if 0...#endif

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