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XNA FINAL ENGINE (XNA 4.0, deferred lighting, HDR, global illumination)

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First, I want to introduce myself briefly:

I'm José Ignacio Schneider and I research in Computer Graphics at Universidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina). I’m an enthusiast in 3D graphics and like both, the artistic and programming world. My specialties are:C#, HLSL, XNA and Softimage XSI.

XNA FINAL ENGINE is an engine developed in XNA 4.0 that allows the creation of 3D graphic applications that use modern technologies like deferred lighting, high dynamic range, and global illumination. The engine is still in development and has to grow up a little more.

If you want to know more about it please visit the project web page:



The car was model by me :lol:


The terrain textures belong to a popular arcade flight game.

Thanks for reading!!!

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I continue with the development of the engine and now I’m working in the version 0.9.
The core of the engine was rebuilt and now follows a data oriented design and a component based model. It is also garbage free (or almost), has XBOX 360 and animation (limited) support and you can split screen.


This is a screenshot of the Lambo in the version 0.9

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Version 0.95 is almost ready. http://xnafinalengine.codeplex.com/

Some of the new features/improvements include:

• Improved Xbox 360 support.
• More features in the editor (not everything could be implemented).
• Far better batching.
• Multithreaded frustum culling (thanks to the data oriented design). I also made optimizations like the inclusion of a better Intersects method.
• Normals are now compressed using Crytek’s Best Fit Normal method.
• Light’s clip Volumes and stencil optimizations were added by the implementation of the reconstruction of the GPU Z-Buffer.
• Added cube shadow maps for point lights.
• Added virtual buttons and axis to map input more easily (similar to Unity 3D).
• Added rudimentary physics support via Bepu Physics.
• The old shader’s parameter code was replaced by a better implementation.
• Added anamorphic lens flare.
• Fewer castings, unnecessary actions, and bugs.



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Version 1.0 is finally here!! http://xnafinalengine.codeplex.com/

It had taken a lot of effort and dedication but I think I am delivering a good and optimized foundation for your games. There still some system to complete like the animation system, or to debug like the music system. However, this version is very robust and reliable, has a big feature set and runs very good on PC and Xbox 360. I hope you enjoy as much as I do making it!


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