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tilemapping in ?

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Hello, Im very new to this forum.

Anyway, there is one problem


anyway, red lines in pic above is normal stuff, which are 50x50

but... there is soemthing at y3-x2 as you can see, it was supposed to be an aparment, but lets call it huge grave stone, anyway lets just say some player built it to there.My problem is as you can see that picture is 50x100 or something, instead of 50x50 like other pics. and yea, blue-red part should be visible but stay behind my grave stone
also, I should use [u]one[/u] picture for x1-y1, x1-y2, x2-y2 etc. etc.

I think, to do this I should create entire new bitmap. but I dont want to do it, so my question... How can I put that 50x100 pic, but also put red-blue pic and make sure that red-blue pic stays at behind of my huge grave stone.

this pic may help you understand better:


pic above(left) is probably what I will get if I just do it by pure html, and right side is what I want.

google has failed me.

What do ?

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