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Somehow weird coordinate system, need help

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Hi, given this type of coordinate system (image) i need a way to get 3 vertex point coordinates (integer, red dots in image: bottom left point being 0, 0 and top right 3, 3) given a triangle coordinate.


Basically there are 2x number of elements in X row and they are arranged in triangle patern seen. I have a way made to do this, but its kinda ugly and im wondering if there is some other way to look at this and calculate coordinates without using conditionals?

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Looks interesting. Just something cool that I noticed, if you add the X and the Y values together, if the resulting value is even then the triangle is pointing up like /\ or if the resulting value is odd then the triangle is pointing down like \/

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Yep, that was the first thing i noticed.

I think i made universal approach by noticing that there is actually 3 types of points if we ignore Y coordinate: left, mid(tip), and top
and made a simple snipped to calculate points like this (mid x coordinate need some work thro):
(Does not work yet i think..)
public void CalculateTriPoints(int triX, int triY)
int quadX = triX / 2;
int quadY = triY;

int facing = (triX + triY) % 2;

var pointMID = quadPoints[quadX + (facing - quadY % 2) * (facing - quadY % 2), quadY + (1 - facing)];

var pointLEFT = quadPoints[quadX, quadY + facing];
var pointRIGHT = quadPoints[quadX + 1, quadY + facing];

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