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CA mmorts game idea

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Just wanted to post this game idea that we are working on to see what discussions can be created from it, maybe it will help us develop more into the idea and give others ideas too.

The game itself is a ideal of the struggle of both good and evil, in a post-apocalyptic world where governments are so devastated after a world war that broke out when an unmanned probe was able to come in contact with an out of the world race, that they have limited resources in what is the control of the territories and such they are turning to companies that can give their support (players are the companies) as well having players taking part on the destruction of society itself and their laws with acts against the government and companies that support them.

there will be a good and evil type of confrontation, there will be different layers in the world of what actions are allowed (basically anything is allowed withing some confines to protect players at the end) including, pvp, pve, and others, just depends on the location you could get into a fight with npc protection agencies, but it still wont be restricted.

Ability to create organizations, and personal bases and lairs are in the plans, with also having squads of minions to control and do your bidding, including when offline, minions will become automated into defense mode and into doing what has being issued previously, in organizations we are planning on having minions come to help other players in the organization is they have being set to help others.

Game will show a vast research agenda including the knowledge that players will have to learn to advance in the game, knowledge is similar to skills in other games, and will be acquired over time with the use of implants to learn them.

As a development we wanted to introduce a new way of things to be done, with the addition of the community under a nda to have opinions, suggestions and more of the development that is going.

our page has some more information and feature ideas

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