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UDK physics

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skull025    100
Hi, I was wondering if there is an add on or extension of UDK someone has made, or if it's even possible to make, that allows the engine to handle fully destructible environments on a Red Faction Guerrilla level. It's essential to my game and UDK is the only engine I don't have to spend big bucks on. Am I that lucky or do I need to give up some cash for smash?

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jaemonnz    104

The answer to you're question is:

Yes you are that lucky :)

they are called "Fractured Static Meshes" go [url=""]here[/url] and click on "Fractured Static Meshes" and download it, actually, if i were you, i would get the whole pack :P its about 50 gig worth of tutorials, but its well worth it, they are high quality tutorials by 3d buzz ( <3 3d Buzz)

good luck _b

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