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collision detection - arbitrarily irregular "concave" objects

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[font="Book Antiqua"][size="2"]I'm trying to determine what narrow-phase collision detection techniques are fastest to execute for arbitrarily irregular "concave" objects. Most importantly, I'd like to know approximately how much slower they are than convex hull techniques like GJK (on the convex hull of the same objects). The emphasis I see on convex hull techniques implies that [i]every[/i] technique that works reliably on arbitrarily irregular "convex" objects is slower than GJK. The question is, how much slower?

Mine is 2x to 20x slower than my GJK implementation. While 2x slower is not a big problem, 20x slower "hurts". I'm pretty sure I see a way to reduce the upper end to 10x ~ 15x slower, but not further. Hence my desire to see whether faster approaches exist. Thanks in advance for any ideas or tips.[/size][/font]

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