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Really weird problem with Textures....help!!

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I have run into a really really weird texture problem.... Using DX8, Im trying to render a background image so that it fills the viewport. I just make a quad with the dimensions of the viewport and render the texture over it.....should be simple....but when I render it, you can see the top half of the texture perfect, but the bottom half gets all stretched weird into the bottom left corner, but it gets weirder... When I run it in debug mode it runs fine!!!! Regular mode screws up...debug mode runs fine..when I say debug...i mean debug of the compiler...not DX runtimes.....help please!! dankydoo

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Not sure if this is the answer but I''d check that you''re initialising everything properly - when filling in structs make sure you set each field- especially if it''s to be NULL.

This is the most likely cause of problem when a debug version works but the release doesn''t - in debug version, structs usually get zero''d down for you automatically - not so in the release version.

Hope it helps.


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