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MSVC++ 2010 optimization option?

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nuclear123    119
does anyone know of a way to allow full optimizations of code compiled on MVC++ 2010 except for the elimination of code that performs nothing relevant. For example

[code]int main()
int var;


return 0;


; 3 : int var;
; 4 :
; 5 : var++;
; 6 : return 0;

xor eax, eax

; 7 : }

ret 0
_main ENDP[/code]

since var++ doesnt get stored in a variable it's operation is omitted when the binary is compiled from MSVC++. What exact option can i change in order to prevent this while leaving other optimizations on!?

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kdmiller3    178
If you're trying to create a location where you can place a debugger breakpoint, you can insert a nop instruction via inline assembly (__asm nop) or a compiler intrinsic (__nop()). I haven't tried the compiler intrinsic but the optimizer definitely won't try to remove inline assembly.

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