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[web] How to make a color engine from this?

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I want to make a search engine that searches with in color,ive seen it done before i just dont know how.

I have a color picker already and a search engine but it's not programmed yet to search,i want to know how i can program both them to search keywords and for color!!

[url=""]http://www.freewebs....6/TEMPORAWR.htm[/url] search engine bar for the keywords like 'dress' 'shirt' 'cats' 'dogs' [url=""]http://www.freewebs....oko16/TEMPP.htm[/url] The color picker I'd like to use for this.

So how can i make this work out? I've never even made a search engine before but to make this engine both the color and keyword search engine must be connected so you can use BOTH at the same time for a high definition search. I've seen it done before!

I am completely lost right now, i know so many sites who do this and i just don't know how to do this,i tried messaging their website asking but no reply!

EDIT: [url=""]javascript - How to make a color engine in html/php? - Stack Overflow[/url]

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