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The Magical Pot

Using A Console Window As A Server With SDL_net

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I found out a while ago that you could do network programming with SDL_net, now I got around to playing around with that part of the SDL library. Now that I compiled a test server I noticed that "cout" didn't work when I included SDL, I then went over to the web and googled for a solution, I found something on the SDL webside that explained that SDL redirects cout to stdout.txt and then showed some solutions, but nothing really worked. Now my problem is that I want to bind cout and cin to a console window, but SDL redirects cout and cin to stdout.txt, how do I redirect the streams? Everything in my application works fine, it's just the console problem. My IDE of choise is Dev-C++ by the way.
My purpose for posting this is that I hope that someone nice could give me a more close help than the SDL webside did.

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Atomical    99
I can't answer your question, but I remember back in the days when I used to do SDL, I had the same problem with SDL_net. Couldn't figure it out, didn't either because I found something better.

Here's what you do, don't use Dev C++, it's way outdated and it's a nightmare to manage.
Download Visual C++ express, or you can do the Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate trial, but VC++ express works for you.

Move over to []SFML[/url]. It has an all in one package and the network part is piss easy to get into and they actually have good tutorials.

SFML is better, faster, easier and more robust than SDL which is slowly rotting away.

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