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Position and size detection in a sprite sheet

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I looked in the forum but I didn't find anybody with the same problem I have so I think I should ask.

This is my situation: I have an image with a lot of sprites of the same character inside and I want to use this image to create an animation of the character in my game. In other images I used, all the sprites were equally spaced and had the same size so it was easy to locate them inside the image. Now my problem is that almost every sprite has a different size and position so it's very tedious to get the position of the sprites. Since I have 7 images with like a 50 sprites inside of each of them getting the position manually is not an option.

I thought to make a program to detect the size and position of the sprites ( I did something similar to detect shapes using the Matlab image toolkit so it's possible). But I think there's no reason to reinvent the wheel, I suppose somebody should have the same problem sometime. How did you solved it? Is there any application that makes this?


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