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D3D11 ShaderResourceView

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I started programming with DX11 last week (bought a book). And i've come to 2D Rendering with D3D, more specific, i've finished that chapter. Now i'm doing the exercises on that chapter, one of them is about loading in an extra image and use it as a second sprite.

I can't get my head around the "D3D11ShaderResourceView"(SRV) completly. I understand that it's used to bind the loaded texture so that it's data can be accessed. But i can't seem to find anything describing if it's just one texture per SRV or if i can use the same SRV for multiple textures.

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Didn't try it but i would say yes. A D3D11_TEX2D_ARRAY_SRV wouldn't make much sense if it's not consisting of more than one texture.


Type: UINT
Number of textures in the array."

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