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voxel terrain

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Hi guys


It's a technical demo which includes the voxel terrain with the features
- triplaner shading
- octtree
- interpolation
- lod (level of detail)
- optimised merged triangles on lod 0
- cutting/extend voxel (even large parts) and update in realtime <10ms
I did it with boost::asio, boost::signals2, boost::thread, boost::bind and with some classes from QtCore (String, Hashmap, List). For Rendering I use Ogre3d, but the whole terrain calculation got done with Ogre::Vector3 and nothing else [img][/img]
Developed got it on Ubuntu 11.04, git and qtCreator.

What do u think of my results, do u see any improvements?

Have fun [img][/img]

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Looks really cool !!

Can you explain how do you reconstruct the triangular surface of the terrain mesh?
Do you use any kind of "marching something" algorithm ( Marching cube / Marching tetrahedra )

Thanks !

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